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Why aren’t the changes I made taking effect on my site?

Simply put, the changes might not be appearing in your site immediately due to caching. What is Caching? Caching is like taking a snapshot of your webpage so that when someone visits it again, the browser doesn’t have to recreate everything from scratch. Instead, it can quickly show the visitor the saved snapshot, making the […]
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How to add or edit your logo

Welcome! Ready to replace your website’s generic logo with your own? Just follow these simple steps: Step 1: Login and Access Dashboard Step 2: Find “My Site Info” in the dashboard > Scroll down to the logo section > Click “Upload Your Logo” Step 3:Click “Upload New Logo” and choose from your files or upload […]
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Connect Forms To Your AWeber Account

  Access your account by logging in, then proceed to the Forms > Settings 2. Find AWeber under the settings and select it.   Don’t see Aweber under Settings? Expand Navigate to the Plugins section and select “Installed Plugins.” 2. Find AWeber in the search results and activate it. Then, proceed to connect your account […]
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How to Add Properties

How to Add a New Property 5b. To create a gallery, click “Create Gallery” on the left hand side menu, select the images you would like to add and then click “Create a New Gallery” in the bottom right. You will then see a “Gallery Settings” section on the right. Change “Link to” to “Media […]
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How to add rows

  In this tutorial, you will learn how to add rows to your website. First, make sure you’re on the page you want to edit. Once you’re in, spot the menu up top and give it a tap to ‘Enable Visual Builder’ 2. Now click the “Plus” button in the blue circle to add a new […]
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How to add text and images

  1. In this tutorial, you will learn how to add text and images to your website. If you are creating a new page, you’ll want to start with this tutorial on how to add a page. If you’re adding text and images to an existing page, first make sure you’re logged in. From your […]
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How to Add a Blog

Getting Started Adding a Blog Page 2. Click “Use Dive Builder” 3. You will have three options. I recommend clicking “Build From Scratch” 4. Click the green plus (+) button to add a new row. 5. When the menu appears, select how many columns you want. I chose 1 to make it simpler. 6. When […]
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How to Change Background Images

First, log into your website so that you can see the black bar at the top of your website.  Now, there are three places on your site where you may see (or want to add) background images, and each has a slightly different process. The very first background image on your home page: The header […]
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How to Add Your Business Information

Log into your dashboard. Along the left-hand side at the top, click on My Site Info. Use the various areas to automatically add your business information to your website.
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