Why aren’t the changes I made taking effect on my site?

Simply put, the changes might not be appearing in your site immediately due to caching.

What is Caching?

Caching is like taking a snapshot of your webpage so that when someone visits it again, the browser doesn’t have to recreate everything from scratch. Instead, it can quickly show the visitor the saved snapshot, making the webpage load faster.

How does Caching work on the DDW site?

Your DDW site generates your webpage’s content every time someone requests it. This process involves fetching data from the database, running various scripts, and assembling the final page.

Caching in DDW involves saving a ready-made version of your webpage so that when the same page is requested again, it can be delivered more quickly.

What are the benefits of Caching?

  • Speed Improvement: Caching helps your webpage load faster by avoiding the need to rebuild the entire page on every visit.
  • Reduced Server Load: Since cached versions can be served without reprocessing, it reduces the strain on your web server, allowing it to handle more visitors efficiently.
  • Improved User Experience: Faster loading times enhance the overall experience for your website visitors, leading to higher satisfaction and engagement.

The issue with Caching

While caching offers significant benefits, it’s important to be aware of potential drawbacks. You might experience the following issue in your site:

Issue: Caching involves saving a snapshot of your webpage. When you change the content, you might still be seeing the old content for a little while. It may look as if the changes didn’t save. But really you’re just seeing the snapshot from before.

Solution: Clear the cache after making updates.

Steps to follow when the changes are not appearing in DDW site

Please follow these steps to clear cache manually in DDW site:

  • Log in to your Site dashboard.
  • On the toolbar at the top, hover over LiteSpeed cache icon to expand submenu.
  • Click “Purge All”.

Now you can go to your site again and check if the changes are appearing on your site.