Recommended Tools and Resources

find real estate deals

System That Find Deals For You

This system goes out and finds deals for you.  It will analyze them by running comps and it shows you just the best deals.  It can even find properties listed on Craigslist and filter out all the junk and show you only the ones that are most likely to be deals.

Find funding for real estate deals

Get Funding For Your Deals

Need cash to close?  We found companies that will give loans to real estate investors.

Investor Repair Cost Calculator

Free Software That Helps You Determine Rehab Costs

Don’t overpay for rehab deals.  This software will help you calculate the repair costs.

Subject To Real Estate

Learn to do “Subject To” deals

This biker / investor will show you how to do “Subject To” deals, where you buy houses but leave the existing financing in place.  This means you can get deals under contract without having to get funding.

How to use an LLC in Real Estate (free training)

Learn how to set up your LLC properly to get benefits like:

* Protect your personal assets
* Save you substantial amounts of taxes
* Defend you against IRS attacks
* Prevent legal disputes
* Save you legal fees and hassles
* Enable you to operate your R/E business
* Deduct your training expenses.

Watch the free training webinar

Refer Friends, Make Money

Make Money by referring investors to us

We have an affiliate program for our website service.  You can make money by referring people to us.

Sign up as an affiliate and you’ll get a special link you can use to refer people.  Then all you have to do is tell other investors where they can get a free website.  If they upgrade to one of our paid plans, you’ll get a monthly commission.

Details and sign up as affiliate

Affiliate Area

Make Money with Credit Repair

Make Money By Helping Buyers
Repair Their Credit

We found a credit repair service that has an affiliate program.  If you regularly come into contact with people who don’t have great credit (especially if you’re doing lease options / rent-to-own), you can make money by referring people to this credit repair company.  They pay $75 per person who signs up.  Click here to see the service they offer.  Or register as an affiliate here.