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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of land can I buy from you?

We sell raw, vacant or bare land throughout the Kansas City area. Our land is for residential, commercial, recreational, transport and agricultural use. Some lots may have utilities. Some may be completely off the grid.

How can you offer land at such a discounted price?

We purchase the lots at wholesale prices and own the land. We’re not brokers. You buy from us directly. When we sell the land, we pass on the discount price and add an affordable acquisition fee. That’s how we make money.

There are no middlemen or brokers involved. You pay no broker’s commission and listing fees. There are no hidden costs or fees.

Do you own the land you’re selling?

Yes, we’re not middlemen or brokers. We own the land. You buy from us directly at the lowest price. You choose from our inventory. We don’t charge any listing fees or any hidden fees.

Do you offer owner financing?

Yes, we do on most of our properties. There’s no credit check. If you make the low down payment, you qualify and can buy your dream house fast and hassle free.

If you want to pay in cash or get a loan from a bank or private lender, that’s fine. Whatever works for you. We’ll help you close fast.

Is your buying process complicated?

No, the deal is closed in just a few simple steps. Find your dream land in our inventory. Reach out to us to tell us you’re interested. Pay an earnest deposit. If you’re interested in owner financing we’ll come up with the terms. Whichever way you buy, we’ll close fast and easy.

Can I see the land before buying it?

Absolutely. Actually, we encourage you to. We are not able to show you around personally but we’ll pass on any details so that you can visit the land.

Could I sell my vacant land to you?

We buy and sell land. We’d be happy to hear about your property. Submit our seller form to tell us about your land.