About Us

Our mission is to free up your money BEFORE probate is granted.

At My Probate Company we know that on average the probate process takes between 1 to 2 YEARS. Chances are that you need or want the money before that. That’s why we specialize in buying probate property and make you a cash offer so you can get your money FAST.

No need to make repairs or improvements. We buy the probate property as-is.

At My Probate Company we make the sale of your probate property hassle-free. Sell without viewings and without the risk of the sale falling through. As cash buyers we don’t need to secure a mortgage or wait for funds from a sale. With no lenders involved we’ll present you a sure-fire method.

Cash is available. We guarantee you an offer so you can sell your New York property in as little as 5 days.