How to use the ‘Easy Property Listings’ plugin

This tutorial will help you get familiar with a very useful plugin to help you display properties.

First of all the plugin has to be activated. Go to your site's Dashboard. Click 'Plugins' and then in the list that appears, find 'Easy Property Listings' (easier if you type it in the search bar). Once you see it on the list hover click 'Activate' under the name of the plugin.

Easy Property 1

Now on the left hand menu of your site's dashboard, you'll be able to find a section 'Easy Property Listings'. Find that and click the Plus sign to expand. Then click on 'Settings'.

You'll see a list of property types with checkboxes next to them. Tick at least one checkbox. Once you've checked the boxes of the types of properties you want to list, you'll see new items on the left hand menu of your dashboard, corresponding to each property type you chose. For example if you enable 'Property' then you can look on the left hand menu, find 'Property' and click on that to expand it.

'All Listings' shows all the listings you've made, for now click 'Add New' to add a new listing.

easy property 2

Then you'll see the page displayed in the image above. Add a Title for the property, then there are lots of options to add details about the property. Not all of them are required, whatever information you input here will be used to generate the listing.

Once you've inputted the information you want to use, click the publish button in the upper right corner.

You can edit the listing by clicking 'All Listings' under the menu item, in the case of this example 'Property'.

You'll need to create a blank page for each activated listing type. For example, if you activated 'Property', 'Rental' and 'Land'. You'd need to create 3 pages, one called "Property", one called "Land" and one called "Rental". Once you've done this the properties you publish will automatically be listed on these pages.

From your left hand dashboard menu, you can then click 'Appearance', and then 'Menus' and add that page to the menu at the top of your site for easy access.

You can do quite a lot with this plugin, it's worth taking the time to familiarize yourself with it if you'd like to list properties on your website. The 'Help' section under the 'Easy Property Listings' menu item on your dashboard has plenty of resources that can help you take full advantage of this plugin.