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Best real estate investor websites

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30 Day, Money-Back Guarantee

We're so sure you'll love our website service, we'll give you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

I am very impressed with these sites.  These have all the features we were looking for.  It’s everything we need all in one place. I was surprised how well the sites were designed with not only an understanding of Real Estate Investing, but also a good understanding from the seller’s perspective.  Customer support has been great!

Brad Podhajsky

Investor for 13 Years, Investor Realty Resource of Colorado (IRROC)

You’re a blessing to me! Your level of service and concern for your customers is so rare online (In case you didn’t know…)

N. Q.

Real Estate Investor, Pennsylvania

On a personal note, I just want to tell you how pleased and impressed I am, with the level of integrity and professionalism that you’re displaying here.  I don’t know how you couldn’t generate huge success in anything you do with this kind of approach to your customers, and potential customers.

Gregory R.

Real Estate Investor

Your site will include...

Main Company Website

This would normally be your home page.  It's designed to build credibility and make you look professional.  It links to all the other pages on your site. 

Show the world you mean business!

10 Landing Pages for All Kinds Of Leads:

Motivated Seller Website

Motivated Sellers

Attract and capture motivated sellers.  This landing page doesn't link to other pages on your site so you don't scare sellers off by talking about how you sell properties.  It's focused just on getting sellers to send you their contact information.

Wholesale / Cash Buyer Website

Wholesale / Cash Buyers

Landing page for Wholesale / Cash Buyers. Cash out and get your profits!

Rent-to-own buyer website / lease option buyer website

Rent-to-Own Buyers

Target rent-to-own buyers to fill vacancies and capture higher rents and sale prices!

Land buying website


If you buy land, use this page to uncover deals with less competition and nice pay-days!

multifamily real estate investor website

Commercial, Apartments and Multi-Family

Take advantage of the rental trend!

Note Buying Investor Website


Buy notes to realize a higher return on your investment than average

bird dog website

Bird Dogs

Have other people finding good deals for you!  They just come to this page and send you the property details.

website for investors


Get funding for your deals, which will you give you the ability to close faster and do more deals because your own money isn't tied up in them.

retail buyer real estate investor website

Retail Buyers

Keep a larger share of the profits by selling houses to retail buyers!

judgment investing website


Uncover cash-flow streams at incredible yields by buying judgments.  (Don't worry if you don't know what this means.)


Use only the pages you want.


If you ever decide to expand on how you invest in the future, your real estate investor websites are primed and ready for it.

If you only want to do one thing, that’s fine too. It’s easy to make any of those pages your home page.

Step 1:  Get Basic Contact Info

Step 1 asks for only for a few pieces of information, like basic contact information.  That way if the person doesn't want to give you much information at first, you at least have a way to contact them and follow up to get more info.  You'll get an email with their information.

Step 2:  Get Full Details

Step 2 asks for full details.  We let the person know it's in their best interests to send you more information because it will speed up the process for them.  When they fill out the full form, you get an email with their details and can quickly tell how good of a lead it is.

This will save you lots of time because you don't have to ask all these questions over the phone!

Mobile Friendly

Since more and more people are using their phones and tablets to access the Internet these days, we made sure our real estate investor websites are mobile friendly so you look great on any kind of device.

Check Out Some of These Powerful Features Included With Our Pro Plan:

Property Listings

Show properties without leaving home!  Just send buyers to your listings on your website.

SEO Tool

Attract leads from the internet by using our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tool.


Make blog posts if you want to share information and show people you know what you’re talking about.  Plus, this can help people to find you on the internet through sites like Google.

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