Myth #1 That Will Keep You From Being a Successful Real Estate Investor

real estate myths

Real Estate Myths

Real estate myths are real. As a real estate investor, you need to know how to separate the facts from the myths. Just like all things, there is always the #1 myth.

Have you ever fallen into this trap?

We tend to think more information is better.  Knowledge is power, right?

Sometimes too much information is what’s holding us back from success.  Many investors jump from course to course and from seminar to seminar, always trying to learn more, but never doing a deal.

In this video, I’ll share with you a better approach.

Having a certain amount of information is good, of course.  You want to know what you’re doing.  But you have to know where to draw the line.

This video shows some steps to take to get the information you need without going overboard and letting it prevent you from being successful.

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2 thoughts on “Myth #1 That Will Keep You From Being a Successful Real Estate Investor”

  1. Mr. Todd Heitner. I just drew the line with the Information that you are going to give me. This is were I will begin to Fish with all the lines in the water.
    What you say makes sense. I use to be a Loan Originator with WLG perhaps you heard about them. But
    when the Collapse of Real Estate happend in 2006. They when bankrupt and I lost my job.
    I had to get a job doing Security work and forgot about Real Estate.
    But now I want to get back into Real Estate as a Wholesaler to start with and that is where you are going
    to make my DAY. Thank You

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