Real Estate Investor Websites – Five Questions to Answer Before You Invest
Real Estate Investor Websites

Who is this article for?

You are either a private real estate investor or perhaps a real estate investment coach. So, you need to know more about real estate investor websites and templates.

If you are a private investor you are thinking seriously about signing up for a real estate investor website.

If you are a coach you might be looking to offer real estate investor website templates through an affiliation, as part of your coaching package, to your clients.

In this article, we will look at the advantage of going with a website that is a pre-constructed template.

When it comes to investing in a real estate investor website template, should you go ahead and take the plunge? Are there any angles that you have not yet considered?

What You Will Learn

By the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to be sure if this online digital marketing solution is right for you.

We will consider five specific questions that you should ask yourself before deciding to invest in this real estate investor marketing tool.

Before we do that, let’s first take a look at some general questions regarding websites for real estate investors.

What is a real estate investor website and why might a template be a superior option?

Real Estate Investor Websites

When you are trying to get a foothold in the real estate market as an investor you are competing with agents and realtors. They often have the support and backing of a powerful company and all the impressive branding that comes with that.

True a seller might prefer the idea of contacting an investor who actually wants to buy his property as opposed to an agent that is just offering to sell it for him.

However, he may prefer to go with an agent that has the track record and credibility to make him feel like there will be no risk of anything going wrong with the sale.

In addition, you or your coaching clients will likely be competing with investors who have a stronger reputation or a more established track record of getting deals done.

In this situation, there is an obvious need for an online presence and particularly a website that is going to boost your credibility as an investor that can be trusted to complete the purchase.

But why go with a template rather than building your own site from scratch?

Why Not Just Build Your Own Site?

What is the best real estate investor website? Is it one you build yourself from scratch or a pre-constructed site that is a template?

A company that offers a template may well have had a team of designers and developers working on that site for many months.

Are you in a position financially to hire a full team of individuals with the right qualifications to build your site from scratch?

Even if you are, is it really necessary to do that when a website template company has already made that investment for you?

You may also feel that you don’t have the knowledge and expertise to oversee the project, not to mention the time.

With a template service, you can have your website up and running within minutes of making the purchase and the ongoing maintenance can often be cared for by the company that offers the service.

Now let’s get to the five questions that any consumer should run through in their minds before making any purchase and apply them to the purchase of the best real estate investor website templates.

Is It Affordable?

The question of affordability is a relative one as we all know. A template site will often be offered for a minimal up-front fee of a few hundred dollars and then an additional monthly fee for ongoing maintenance and security.

The Done Deal Website service is offered, depending on the plan you choose, from $28.60 per month for the starter service to $58.60 per month for the Pro service.

As usual, the point is to weigh this cost against the cost of either not having a site at all or of having one that is poorly built and maintained. Can you afford not to have a professional website that enhances your investor credibility?

Do I Really Need It?

The relevant questions to ask here are what do sellers expect? And what are my competitors doing?

Since sellers now expect you to have a properly designed website with a certain level of functionality and convenience, it may be time to adapt your marketing strategy accordingly. You can also be certain that your competitors will have invested in a proper website.

Do I Love It?

Of course, this depends on you but what you should be looking for is a site that looks modern and professional in its design and that has all the content you need to attract sellers of all kinds. Look for a site that gives you multiple landing pages to attract and cater to several different types of leads.

According to many, if you changed nothing about your website except the color of your call to action button, you could still increase your conversion rates by a huge percentage. Such is the power and importance of attractive and effective design.

Does It Suit My Needs At This Moment?

If you are yet to complete your first real estate investment deal; setting up a website that clearly states how you can be a solution to a seller’s problem if they need to sell their house quickly can be the difference between getting off to a flying start and falling at the first hurdle.

People are always online searching for anything and everything so having a reliable site that people can find during their search for real estate investors in their area is vital!

After completing your first deal you will continue to have an ongoing need to generate quality leads that will lead to profitable investments. if you combine your website effectively with your existing and future marketing initiatives you can expect to get traffic on your site.

Look for a site that can allow you to expand and add additional landing pages as you grow. One that will also satisfy your immediate need to get your next ideal investment opportunity.

Is This Just an Impulse Decision?

If after reading this article you cannot see any obvious red flags then you should feel confident in moving forward with your investment in an investor website template. Look to do business with a company that can back up their confidence in their product with some kind of guarantee.

This should add to your peace of mind that you are dealing with a professional company with good customer service that will support you in your real estate investment career.

If you would like to learn more about the real estate investment websites offered by DDW please connect with us here. We are ready to assist and support you.