Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant – Luxury or Necessity?

Real estate investor virtual assistant is a term that describes someone who works remotely online. He or she helps real estate investors accomplish their day to day tasks in building their real estate investment businesses.

Virtual assistants for real estate investors may sound like more of a luxury than a necessity. It may sound like a tantalizing prospect but is it just too self-indulgent? But wait, think of what you could do with all the extra time that hiring virtual assistants would create.

There are several tasks that a real estate investor virtual assistant can provide. They range from taking calls from potential buyers to managing the entire real estate investor website. Companies like White Base Media provide such virtual assistance in the areas of SEO and SEM.

In this article, we will show you that the idea of hiring virtual assistants might actually be considered more of a necessity. Rather than a luxury.

Let’s discuss why many feel that hiring virtual assistants is really an excellent idea. That is, if you want to make a long term success of your real estate investment business.

Advantages of Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant over an Employee

Firstly, let’s make a clear distinction between a real estate investor virtual assistant and an employee. A virtual assistant for real estate investors might be considered better than an employee for two reasons. First reason, fewer headaches and the second reason, less cost.

Hiring an employee means paying payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, benefits, and social security. A real estate investor virtual assistant requires none of those expenses.

Hiring real estate investor virtual assistants means that you can pay them on a project by project basis. With an employee, you are paying their salary irrespective of the amount of work completed.

A virtual assistant comes with their own office space and equipment whereas you would need to supply all of that for an employee.

Cautions When Hiring a Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant

One of the most important considerations when hiring Virtual Assistants is that; communication has to be clear and efficient.

With a virtual assistant, by definition, you will likely not be in the same location. So communication and instructions need to be well thought out in advance.

Your real estate investor virtual assistant may not even be in the same time zone as you.

Try to ensure that the tasks you will ask your virtual assistant to carry out are ones for which you have already established tried and tested systems and methods.

It will simply not work if the virtual assistant is trying to figure out the task remotely. And then trying to implement it without the opportunity to get your input in real time.

Either you will be paying money for time wasted or the virtual assistant will find that working your projects is inefficient for them and you will lose them.

This will be especially costly if much time has been spent paying them to come up to speed on what is required.

Daniel Ramsey of MyOutDesk puts it this way. “Once you delegate a task and create a process and a procedure, you are able to recover your time. And get this, since you have now developed a repeatable process that someone else can handle … you get that time back for the rest of your career!”

Which Tasks Can You Hire A Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant For?

One of the advantages of hiring virtual assistants for real estate investors is that you can hire according to specialty. So in a sense the list is endless. The following list gives you some ideas of work that can be done by a virtual assistant with general admin capabilities.


A virtual assistant can be put to work on the many mundane tasks related to marketing. This might include, creating PowerPoint presentations, sending out emails and or direct mail marketing for real estate investors. Scheduling social media posts or blog posts can also be handled by your real estate investor virtual assistant.


A virtual assistant can help you manage the day to day operations of your business. For example, by caring for transactions, taking care of data entry, researching buyer and seller leads. He or she, even a company can also collect feedback from your team members and even from your clients. And even keeping your CRM software organized and up to date.


Since sales is often a numbers game especially in the digital age, why not have your virtual assistant follow up with prospects and leads. At the very least you can train your virtual assistant to filter distinguish which are the really hot leads and these can be passed on to you or your sales manager.


Other general administration tasks may include, managing your calendar, setting up meetings, and responding to emails. Even personal organization and scheduling such as holidays and events.

A Real Estate Investor Who Uses Virtual Assistants

The following is an excerpt from a podcast on where successful real estate investor Tim Mai; shares his liberal philosophy on outsourcing to virtual assistants.


“Man, there’s really nothing that I don’t feel comfortable outsourcing. I have my virtual assistants taking care of everything from taking the lead call, to running the comps, to buying stuff for me to the point where my virtual assistants have my credit card information, subscriptions. And I still like to have someone strong on the ground. I think that for the virtual assistants to negotiate like the whole deal over the phone I think that can be a little bit tricky. And so I like to be where they pre-negotiate as much as they can, they get the sellers within a certain range. Like, if we know that 80% ideally the virtual assistants would be able to identify like 80% chance this is a deal. And then I’ll acquisition people here in Houston that can then go meet with them and get a contract from there. But, I’ve done it where the virtual assistants even got the deal on the contract as well. So that’s not limited to that.”


So are virtual assistants for real estate investors a luxury or a necessity.

After reading this article you may well see that hiring a real estate investor virtual assistant is more than just a tantalizing prospect that’s just too self-indulgent to consider.

You may now view it more as a legitimate and even necessary strategy. One that will free you up to put your business back into a ‘you running it’ situation rather than an ‘it running you’ scenario.

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