People with Bad Credit-How to Make Money While Helping Them

people with bad creditPeople with bad credit also need housing. The question is, how do you deal with them?

If you’re dealing with rent-to-own buyers, retail buyers, or even renters, you’re going to run into a lot of people who have bad credit.  You’re not going to make any money off of most of those people… or are you?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make some extra money from those people who have bad credit, even if they don’t buy or rent from you?

Here’s how you can.

There is a company that sells credit repair services to help people repair their credit.  You can make money by referring people to them.  It’s a win-win.  The people you refer win because they get help to repair their credit.  You win because you paid $75 per person who signs up!

How cool is that?

Here’s how it works:

You sign up as an affiliate with this company and they give you a special link you can send to people.  If they click your link and sign up for the service, you earn a commission.

It’s a great way to recoup some of your marketing costs and make money from leads that you thought were unusable.  And it gives you an additional stream of income.

It’s completely free to sign up with them.

You get a special link that you can send to anybody you want to refer.  If they sign up through you, you get paid!

As of this writing, you’ll get paid $75 per sale!  And if you refer more than 20 people in a month, it goes up to $100 per sale!  That’s some significant extra income.

Here’s the free affiliate sign-up form so you can start earning $75 per sale

If you want to check out their credit repair service, it’s here.

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