Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors – That Work in 2022
Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors
As a
real estate investor
, it’s crucial that you become familiar with all the marketing
strategies for real estate investors that you can deploy in your business. There is no such thing as future proofing in
digital marketing. It’s no secret that the digital marketing
landscape changes constantly. Staying current with an effective real estate
investment marketing strategy
is a challenge when the rules of the game keep changing.

Don’t worry we’ve got your back.

The tips in this article will give your REI marketing strategy the edge it needs to stay ahead of the game in 2022.

Although it’s vital to harness the power of the web, and the tips we give you here will work in 2022. It’s also nice to have ideas that won’t leave you at the mercy of Google or Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms.

With that in mind, not all of these tips are exclusive to marketing strategies for real estate investors or to the arena of digital marketing.

Marketing Strategies Top 2

Tip #1
– Virtual Video Tours

Let’s say that you are already in touch with an
out of state cash buyer who is keen to check out your property online. Offering a virtual tour of your investment
property by means of online video is a great way to whet your buyer’s appetite
for the deal.

You can even use a drone to capture an impressive aerial view of your property.  This is one of the most recent marketing strategies for real estate investors since the drone was developed.

Tip #2
– Direct Mail

According to an info graphic by direct
marketing company US Presort, there
are several misconceptions about direct mail. You may be surprised, as I was, to learn that
direct mail is far from dead and buried as an efficient and effective marketing
strategy in the digital age. For example, statistics show that for every
5,000 targeted consumers direct mail will get 175 responds
compared to email which gets 65 responds for every 5,000 targeted consumers. While direct marketing is more expensive than
email, if we calculate the cost in terms of CPA (cost per acquisition) it can
be only just slightly above that of email. However, direct marketing becomes even more
effective when part of a multi-tactic or multichannel strategy. Call-tracking, email, and social media can be
integrated with direct mail to create a very effective multichannel
marketing campaign
. It’s important to choose your mailing list wisely and get it from a credible
source. Please note that the typical homeowner will
respond only after several mailings, think in terms of more than just a few
mailing attempts.

More Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Tip #3
– Motivated Sellers

Every investor wants to track down a motivated
seller who is willing to sell for less than the property’s true value in
exchange for a quick sale. The difficult part is finding this type of
seller. One great hack is to get hold of your
county’s “delinquent tax list”. This continually updated list records
every homeowner who is behind, from two weeks to two years, on their property
tax payments. This list will enable you to look at properties
that will likely be future foreclosures. The list might not be available for free but
whatever the cost of acquiring that list, it will be worth its weight in REI

Tip #4
– An Optimized Website

Your website
should be fast,
packed with beneficial content, and not to be overlooked,
mobile friendly. The goal of every marketer is to grab people’s
attention. People’s attention today is firmly focused on their mobile devices. By using a web design that is mobile responsive,
you’ll ensure that users on all types of devices have a satisfactory experience
when visiting your site. Your website should also load quickly. Make
sure of this by checking that the technical aspects of your site are
well-optimized. It’s also important not to neglect your blog.
Useful and up to date content is vital for your site to rank high in search
engines. It can also be a powerful incentive for
visiting traffic to connect with you, facilitating greater lead generation.

Tip #5
– Social Media Advertising

Current changes with the integration
of the software that runs Facebook, Instagram and  WhatsApp
may be politically
contentious but it means the opportunity for precise targeting via social media
sponsored messaging just keeps growing. If you haven’t already jumped on board then
there is still an opportunity to get a great return on your investment with a
social media ad campaign. Precise targeting can allow you to reach an
audience not only within a certain demographic and geographical zone but also
according to your desired target audience’s recent searches and purchases. In the old days, we used to call this “laser
marketing” but we never dreamed it could ever be done on such a massive scale. The idea of laser marketing to a precise target
group of 300,000 people is only possible in the era of big data.

Tip #6
– Apparel Advertising

The sixth and final tip is also my personal favorite and I give credit here to the following source Jared Lim.

In his article which speaks mainly about more
traditional methods of investor marketing, he gives a great and very simple tip
about promoting your services by means of your clothing. In the article he gives the following priceless

“For example, I wore my “Private Lender” t-shirt the last time I visited my doctor. Once he read my shirt, he couldn’t stop talking about real estate and how he has been looking for places to invest his money. Bingo, (talk about Ingenious Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors) now he has the answer, and I secured another private lender to my stable.”

Find out what is Land Flipping here. 


This is by no means an exhaustive list of every marketing strategy that might work for your real estate investment business but it will give you a great start if you follow these tips in 2022.

By following the tips above you’ll have an
awesome chance of generating leads and investment opportunities to grow your
business at the rate that you want to. If you are looking to build a real estate
investor website for your business that meets all of the criteria mentioned in
tip #4 in this article, and more, connect with the DDW team here and we will help you
get started right away.