MailChimp for Real Estate -How to Connect MailChimp to Your Real Estate Investor Website

MailChimp for real estate investors increases your return on investment. There is no way you can manage customers without good CRM to back you up.

For Business or Pro level users, we can activate a tool that will allow you to connect your web forms to your MailChimp account.  Please let us know if you’d like to have this activated.

After it’s activated, click Leads -> Forms and you’ll see a list of the forms on your site.  Find the form you want to integrate with MailChimp and put your cursor over it.  You’ll see some additional options appear.  Go to Settings -> MailChimp.  It looks like this:

​ It says, “To get started, please configure your MailChimp Settings” the next screen.  Click the link for MailChimp Settings.

MailChimp for real estate investors

​Below, the next screen, it will ask you for your MailChimp API Key.  You’ll need to get that from your MailChimp account.  Then click the Update Settings button.

MailChimp for real estate investors
​If you need help finding your MailChimp API Key, this will show you where to find it:

​Keep in mind you only have to do this part once.  Once you connect your MailChimp account to your website, then it’s just a matter of connecting each form and telling it which MailChimp list to put people on.

When you use MailChimp for real estate, you have a better way of connecting with your prospects.