Looking For a Lead Propeller Alternative?

Is there such a thing as a Lead Propeller alternative? Yes, there are other real estate investor website companies out there. Like Done Deal Website that has been in operation for 15 years.

You don’t have to take my word for it, go check out the testimonials from satisfied customers. Customers who have experienced the best service there is when it comes to building websites for real estate investors.

So here is a good comparison to find a good lead propeller alternative. A lead propeller alternative that will not break the bank but also give you a personal touch with their service.

The fact that you are here means you’re already convinced that a customizable template is the way to go for your real estate investment company.

But is there a good alternative to the popular Lead Propeller product?

We would like to show you a great real estate investor website provider option to consider as an alternative to Lead Propeller.

Let’s first consider what Lead Propeller is offering and then compare it with our offer.

Option 1 – Lead Propeller

  • The experienced Lead Propeller team is from an investing background and they take the experience learned and put that to good use in their site creation. They make it possible for users to make some simple adjustments to the generic sites for further customization.
  • The Lead Propeller team has set up the websites to make this process as simple as possible. If you choose the Lead Propeller service, you are permitted to be part of a closed Facebook real estate investor group, where you can share ideas and comments online.
  • This gives a heads up as to the way Lead Propeller positions itself in the market, as the most “technologically advanced” REI website service available.
  • Indeed there are lots of nice features that come with the Lead Propeller offering.
  • These include receiving an automatic email to your phone instantly that a motivated seller submitted his contact information on your site.This enables you to follow up on leads with no delay. The Lead Propeller pricing is higher than Done Deal Website, in fact much higher, especially if you opt for one of the packages that include blogs to boost your SEO and in-house phone support. Depending on your budget, however, Lead Propeller might well be a great option for you.
  • Price plans range from $49 to $299 per month.

Option 2 – Done Deal Website

  • For more fifteen years the Done Deal Website team have been creating websites for real estate investors.
  • As can be seen in our testimonials, our sites reflect a deep knowledge and understanding of the real estate investment market, not only from the investor’s point of view but also the seller’s.
  • The DDW sites reflect strong design aesthetics that are clean, crisp and professional looking with a modern, minimalist style.
  • Our sites allow you, the user, to choose a more hands-on approach and make your own edits. This allows you the freedom to make alterations and additions right from the outset or at a later date or at any time you need to.
  • Our company is relatively small which means that you are often dealing with key and knowledgeable members of our team.
  • DDW also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • DDW’s special value positioning which specifically differentiates us from other similar companies in this niche is the large number of different landing pages that we offer. The benefit is that you will not need to keep purchasing additional websites as your company grows.
  • You also have the option to switch any one of those specifically targeted landing pages to your home page as and when the need arises according to your marketing strategy.
  • Finally, DDW is also a much more affordable choice with price plans that range from $28.60 to $58.60 per month.

Lead Propeller Summary

DDW Summary

Pros: Expand
  1. Investor Background
  2. Easy, Do-It-Yourself Customization
  3. Access to Closed Facebook Group
  4. Auto Texting and Push Notifications
  5. Offers Phone Support
Cons: Expand
  1. Higher Monthly Fees
Pros: Expand
  1. Affordable price
  2. Attractive design
  3. 15 years experience
  4. Increased user control
  5. Home page flexibility
Cons: Expand
  1. Smaller support team

Bottom Line:

Bottom Line:

A Lead Propeller site can be one of four types: Motivated Seller Leads, House
Selling/Renting Listings, Wholesaling or Land.

So you have to pay for multiple sites to attract different types of lead. If you are happy to do that then Lead

Propeller’s extra technological bells and whistles that are designed to streamline your inbound marketing might well be worth the extra money for you.

We give you all the beautifully designed landing pages that you need so that it will not be necessary to pay for extra websites.

When you couple this with the affordable pricing offered from the outset, it means that overall DDW gives you great value for money.


To summarize, in this product comparison, two excellent companies with top quality
products have been considered and both have products that will meet your needs.

Choose either and you will minimize the stress of establishing your online presence and you will create a solid base for your ongoing digital marketing strategy.

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