How To Find Motivated Sellers
How To Find Motivated Sellers

The key to successful lead generation is to be able to precisely target those property sellers that are really in a hurry to sell.

Now, let’s look into how to find motivated sellers. How do you find those good leads? Or a much better question to ask in this digital age of inbound marketing is how do they find you?

Put yourself in the position of that motivated seller for a moment. You had something major come up and you need cash fast, this happens, it’s called ‘life.’

You realize that if you can just quickly sell that property that you recently inherited then the problem goes away.

You don’t know a great deal about selling a property but you know that you can find out by going to the internet, so you type into Google, ‘sell my property in (wherever it is you live)’.

When a motivated seller does that, will your website appear as one of the options in the search results? Will it appear near the top of the page?

This all starts with getting a website that is relevant to the subject. In addition to the site itself, what else is needed for Google’s algorithms to select your site as one of those that will rank on the search page?

You need to add relevant content to your site; you can do this by posting regular articles in the blog section of your website.

These articles must address the terms that motivated sellers are using on their websites.

Let’s talk now about how you can use a blog to successfully promote your real estate investment site so that motivated sellers in your area will find you.

How to Create a Blog That Works

A blog is a cost-effective way to promote your business. It can bring traffic to your site and dramatically increase your ability to connect with real motivated sellers.

Your blog can also boost your credibility presenting you as a knowledgeable player in the real estate investment industry.

You have a great advantage because there are still many investors that are not yet using this strategy to the full.

The reasons could be lack of time to write the articles or a shortage of ideas for what to write. Here are some pointers for creating a blog that will bring motivated seller traffic to your site.

Write With Your Target in Mind

Your blog should be written with the goal of solving the problem that your target audience has and to provide them with useful information that will help them.


There is no definite answer as to the correct frequency to update your blog. Aim for a pace that you can realistically keep up. If it is every week or every two weeks then make sure that you stick to that schedule. Consistency is important.

Have a Plan that Keeps You Ahead of Schedule

It’s best to at least have a series of articles in mind in advance that will mean that you will not suddenly be in a situation where you cannot post an article because you do not have an idea in mind for that week.

Ideas could include answers to the questions most frequently asked by motivated sellers. For example, anything connected to how to sell a property quickly and with minimal fuss.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool is a great way to find keyword phrases that motivated sellers are using to search for investors like you.

When you isolate the search words you can make this your blog title.

Outsource Your Blog

If you feel that you do not possess the writing skills to create the article yourself, you can always outsource your blog to a freelance writer.

You can use a platform like Upwork, iWriter, FlexJobs, BloggingPro, or

Develop Your Unique Voice

It is important with a blog article to be authentic; it should reflect your brand and your own style. Let your blog be an accurate reflection of who you are. This authentic style will strike a chord with motivated sellers and build their trust.


Once again opinion is divided on this, you will notice that the blog on this site is usually close to 1,000 words but many feel that a lower word count, approximately 4-500 words is also effective.

Measure Your Blog Traffic

The most well-known tool for measuring your blog’s performance is Google Analytics. It’s free of charge and is easy to install.

As you build up more articles on your blog, Google Analytics will give you a better idea of how people come across your blog and, which of your posts are more effective.

Conclusion – How to find Motivated Sellers

As mentioned at the outset, all of this starts with getting a professional website up and running. The team at Done Deal Website is ready to help.