How to Estimate Rehab Costs and Know How Much to Offer

Investor Repair Cost CalculatorHow to estimate rehab costs when it comes to investment properties.

Do you want to fix up properties to resell or rent? Then you should know it’s incredibly important to have an accurate idea of how much it will cost. It can be a lot of work to manually calculate the expenses.

Here’s a free tool that will help you determine how much it will cost to repair a property, and how much to offer:

Free:  Rehab and Offer Calculation Tool

In addition to helping you calculate the cost to rehab a property, here are some of the other things it can do for you:
Calculate offers on any deal to make sure you NEVER overpay

  • Quickly figure out if a deal is worth doing
  • Market and Sell your wholesale deals quickly and for more money!
  • Get Funding from Private Money and Hard Money Lenders
  • And much much more

Download the rehab and offer calculation tool absolutely free here 

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