How to change the logo on your DDW website

To change the logo on your DoneDealWebsite site, please follow these procedures.

  1. Log in to your website and go to WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Select Astra from the Dashboard menu & click Customize.
  1. Under the Customize section, click Header Builder.
  1. Click on Site Title & Logo. Here, you will find the option to add/remove or change the logo in your website. Click on the Select Logo or Change Logo button and follow the instructions to select a picture for your logo. You can also set your site title and tagline from this section.
  1. You might want different sizing for different screen widths. To adjust that, select your view as shown in the picture below (Desktop/ Tablet/ Mobile) and set different sizes for different screens.
  1. The small icon that is shown for your website in the browser tab is called Favicon. Do not forget to set this icon when you change the logo. Click on Site Icon and change the icon. If your logo has many details and texts, please modify your logo and make it simple so that it looks good even in very small size. The recommended size for your site icon is 16px x 16px or 32px x 32px.
  1. Click on the Publish button at the top to apply the changes to your website.