Cheap Vehicle Signs: Module 2

Cheap vehicle signs might just be the best thing if you are on a budget.

You drive to work, you drive to the store, and you drive the kids all over to various activities.  You drive simply EVERYWHERE.  Everyone does.  And guess what?  People see you when you drive, just as you see them.

Wouldn’t it be just GREAT if every time you drive, your message was delivered for FREE!  Use your car(s), and any cars of people you know as traveling billboards.

There are several ways to accomplish this.  Some cost some money, and others can be done FREE.  Let us look at FREE first!

  1. FREE hand printed signs– You can just take some construction paper, poster board, or typing paper and make a sign to tape to the inside of your car windows.  Just make sure not to obstruct your view when driving.  Of course, make sure that the message is the same as your other marketing material.
  2. Bumper Stickers– you can get bumper stickers, or window stickers made up at most local print shops for only a few dollars, and post them on your car, and anyone else’s who is willing.
  3. Window self-adhesive stickers– These are the clear ones like the oil change places use, but larger.  Many places, both online and locally can print them up.  You can place these on the inside window of your car with your message on it.
  4. Magnetic vehicle stickers.- These do cost a bit, but they get used over and over again, so in the long run, the cost is small.  Simply get a set made up at a local sign maker.  We get ours for about $50/set of two.  Some office supply stores and hardware stores even sell do-it-yourself kits for even less.  They have our same marketing message on them.  You can then place these on any vehicle you are going to drive.  Maybe even later get others you know to place them on their vehicles as well.  If you get good ones, they do not damage the car (at least mine never have).