How to Build Credibility With Your Real Estate Investor Website

Do you have a real estate investor website and how credible is your real estate investing business?  I will guide you through on how to build credibility with your real estate investing business.

As a real estate investor, you’ve probably learned how important credibility is.  If people don’t trust you, they won’t do business with you.  And you probably realize that a website can potentially help you with that.  But what can you do to build even more credibility with your real estate investor website?

Collect testimonials and post them on your site

A testimonial is basically like a good review.  For example, you’d get positive comments from someone who has done business with you – especially a seller or a buyer – and post them on your website.

Realize that people aren’t often going to just send you positive comments out of the blue.  Sometimes they will if you’re doing things right.  And if they do, be sure to ask them if it’s OK to use their comments on your website.  But anytime a transaction goes well, you could send the person a message. And ask if they’d mind writing a brief review for you that you could use on your website.

If you’re using Done Deal Website’s real estate investor website service, a lot of our pages already have a spot for testimonials.  We have put some quotes on some of your pages.  Right now they’re just kind of generic quotes. But as you get real testimonials from people you do business with, you should replace the default ones with your own.

When you post these testimonials, it’s best to post them on pages related to the type of lead you’re trying to attract.  In other words, if you have a testimonial from a seller who talks about how great it was when you bought their house; put that on the page for motivated sellers.  If you have a cash buyer who is talking about what great deals you send them and how much money they’ve made from working with you, put that on your landing page for cash buyers.  You want the person reading the page to be able to relate to what is said and want that for themselves.

Personalize your website

credibility real estate investor websites

When you sign up for our website service, we include some images and information.  The idea is we want it to be as easy as possible for you to have a great website from the moment you sign up.  But when you’re able, it can be a good idea to personalize your website with information about your business, and some more personal photos.  For example, you could have a nice photo of yourself taken and post that on your website.  Why would you want to do that?

Because websites can be kind of cold and generic.  And you don’t know who is behind them.  But when you put a photo of yourself on your site, people know they’re dealing with a real person.  You’re not just some mysterious entity hiding behind a website.  But they can see your face and know who they’re dealing with.

Do more with images

You can also post some sort of photos of local landmarks or other things that can personalize your website and make it feel more local.

Since our website setup is automated, when it’s first set up it has stock photos that look professional, but they’re not you and they’re not local.  So if you can post some nice photos that give your website some unique personality, it can go a long way toward being more credible with people visiting your website.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to log in to your website and swap out photos, at least if you’re using Done Deal Website.  Just log in and go to Content and find the page you want to edit and click the Edit link.  Find the spot on the page where the photo is and you can swap it out for a more personal one.  Or you can add a photo to other spots, even if there isn’t already a photo there.  Our system is very flexible and gives you a lot of control over how your site looks.

Try to identify with the city for your real estate investing

And of course, if you haven’t already done so, you can make sure you have the name of the city or town where you’re investing on your website (if you’re mainly investing in one area).  We’ve made this super simple to do if you’re a Done Deal Website customer.  Just log in and click Customize.  You’ll see a spot where it asks for the name of the city where you’re investing.  Enter your city there and save your changes and it will automatically appear in many places throughout your website.  How cool is that?!

By making some simple changes to your website, you can really build credibility in the eyes of people visiting your website and help them to trust you.  And as you know, that’s what it all comes down to – whether people trust you or not.  So why not let your website do a lot of the work for you?