Sellers – Bandit Signs: Module 4
Bandit signs

Bandit signs, what exactly are they? 

By far, one of the best lead-producing marketing tools that we have used is the “bandit” sign. They are nicknamed “bandit” signs because of the way that they are most commonly used. Some people post these signs all over the place, included in places that they are not welcome or even legal, hence the nickname.

Now there are plenty of places to legally place these signs. However, some things to keep in mind are all the same warnings given on the use and placement of these signs in the previous chapter. Some areas have very strict restrictions governing the use of these signs. It pays to look into local ordinances before simply plastering the landscape with these signs only to find out later on that they are not permitted.

Why they work

One of the reasons these signs work so incredibly well is because so many people see them. What makes signs one of THE MOST EFFECTIVE types of advertising is the mere fact that people actually see them. What do I mean by that? Well, as mentioned earlier, when you advertise by other media, such as radio and TV, you run a risk of the audience simply changing channels when your message comes up. Also, you are not going to be sure that your target audience is actually listening to or viewing that particular channel at the time that your advertisement comes on.

A sign is always out there. The only challenge is in simply knowing where to place the signs so that they are actually seen. This is accomplished easily enough by merely making sure that the signs are placed in high traffic areas. Make sure that they are easily visible and readable and soon enough, you will get responses streaming in from this type of marketing.

Unlike other forms of advertising, your audience is far more likely to notice your sign, especially if set up at a busy intersection. An advantage to you is that most people sit at an intersection, waiting for a light to change, looking for some sign, bumper sticker, or something else to keep their eyes occupied.

Signs that are made from 18”X24” corrugated plastic usually work best. They are weatherproof and usually end up standing for a long time. Most local sign shops can produce this type of sign for you.

It pays to shop around, both at local sign shops and on the internet for the best prices on signs. We have seen prices ranging anywhere from $1.50 to $8 per sign! Make sure that you call as many sign shops as possible before placing your order.

It is frequently a good idea to start off by ordering 100 signs. This gives you enough to cover an area fairly well, as well as be able to judge their effectiveness. You should be placing anywhere from 20 to 50 signs up a week, depending on your area. Make sure to always carry a few signs around in your car in case you happen to find a good spot to put one up.

To make things a lot easier for yourself, you will want to order metal wire stakes along with your signs. These stakes will typically just slide right into the “fluting” in the corrugated plastic and make the task of placing the signs in the ground at the side of the road far easier for you than trying to pound in wooden stakes and attach the signs to them. Most sign shops will provide these stakes for an additional $1 per sign that you order.

Of course, everything mentioned about this type of sign from the previous chapter applies to the ones that you would have made for you. You will want to make sure that you use the exact same wording on these signs as you do in all your other marketing. The first line should stand out clearly. The sign should shout at passing motorists “WE BUY HOUSES!”

Remember that the sign must be eye-catching enough to draw attention to itself in order to slow people down to read your message, or at least take down your phone number. Again, it pays to use bright, easy to read colors. Use red lettering on a white or yellow background to make the wording more visible. We have even seen some very eye-catching signs using bright fluorescent orange lettering on a black background.

It is usually not necessary to make these signs double sided, but it may be a good idea to have a few signs made up this way. That way, if you are setting up your sign in an area where both sides will be seen clearly, you will have a sign to place there to give yourself maximum exposure.

If you can only afford one type of marketing, we always advise that you start with these signs. They will almost always get the most and best responses from motivated sellers, in our experience. Even if you are using other means of marketing, it pays to incorporate signs in your overall marketing plan.

This training section written by Jim Mitchell, “The Biker Who Buys Houses”.