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Use Handmade Signs to Attract Motivated Sellers

One of our personal favorite ways to market our business is with the use of signs. Signs are usually the most effective lead generator for the real estate entrepreneur. Signs are seen by a far larger audience than most other marketing methods. They tend to pull in a far greater number of leads than just […]

Finding Cash Buyers (part 1) This audio clip is taken from an interview I did with Jim Mitchell, “The Bike Who Buys Houses”. Here is a summary of what Jim said: Drive around, find what properties investors have what for sale. Look for investors rehabbing properties, write down address Look up the addresses in public records, make sure they […]

Bird Dog Bot 3.0 Preview

This system will help you find deals.  Get a sneak peak of the brand new features here: Note:  I just found out that the system will be going up in price very soon.  The Pro level is going to almost double.  But if you get it now, you’ll be grandfathered in at the current pricing. […]

flyer for real estate investors - motivated sellers

Using Flyers to Find Real Estate Deals

Flyers are basically just a standard-size piece of paper with your marketing message printed on it that you can put anywhere you can find a spot (I’ll give you ideas of places in a moment). You can have these professionally printed if you want to and can afford it, but if not, printing them out […]

Investor Tools to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

Do you want to make this your best year yet?  You can, but you’ll need a plan.  Let’s work on that now. What do you need most right now? I need houses (motivated sellers)I need motivation I need cash buyers (wholesale) I need to learn more about investing I need Houses (motivated sellers) If you […]

real estate investor networking

Get Leads by Networking With Other Investors

As a real estate investor, a great way to get any type of lead (buyers, sellers, investors, etc.) is by networking. Simply put, networking is getting to know other people and letting them know you.  You have to let people know what you do and what you’re looking for, and do the same for them. […]

real estate investor business card - i buy houses fast

How to Use Business Cards the RIGHT way

Business cards may seem like an obvious way to get the word out about your business.  But the way most people do business cards is not as effective as it could be. Having business cards doesn’t need to cost you much money.  If you can afford to go out and have some professionally done, that’s great.  […]

Attracting Leads to You – Audio Interview

I interviewed Jim Mitchell, better known as “The Biker Who Buys Houses” about the best way for real estate investors to get leads for their business. This part of the interview is only about 15 minutes long but it’s packed with powerful insights you can apply today. We’re not selling anything in this interview.  It’s […]

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