Where Compassion Meets Expertise

This company was founded by seasoned real estate professional Natasha Saunders, who with a profound understanding of the emotional and practical challenges that come with inheriting property, started Steward’s to offer comprehensive support to heirs every step of the way. Witnessing the tumultuous aftermath of her grandmother’s passing, due to her lack of a will, left an indelible mark on her. Seeing how this oversight caused unnecessary strain and conflict within her family, She made it her mission to ensure others didn’t face similar challenges. She wanted to create a place that provided heirs with a dedicated guide through the intricate journey of estate management and property transactions.

Currently operating in Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn, Steward’s specializes in assisting heirs with the often overwhelming probate process and facilitating the sale of inherited properties with care and efficiency. Our mission goes beyond mere transactions; it’s about providing a reassuring presence during what can be a complex and emotionally taxing time.


Empowering Heirs

Beyond transactional support, Steward’s is passionate about empowering heirs with knowledge. We believe that education is key to making informed decisions, which is why we strive to demystify the estate process, offering valuable insights and resources along the way. From understanding the probate process to exploring property valuation techniques, We strive to equip heirs with the information they need to navigate this journey with confidence.

How We Give Back

It’s a disheartening reality that many families find themselves unable to afford proper burials for their loved ones, often due to the lack of adequate life insurance coverage. Witnessing this widespread struggle has fueled our determination to make a difference. That’s why we pledge to donate 10% of our profits to support heirs who face financial hardship when it comes to laying their loved ones to rest.

Planting New Seeds

But we don’t stop there. We recognize that simply offering financial assistance isn’t always enough. That’s why we also provide life insurance consulting services to heirs who accept our donation. Our goal is not only to provide immediate relief but also to empower families with the resources and knowledge they need to protect their future generations.