First, log in to cPanel.

Next, find a section called “Software”.  Please note that cPanel looks different on each hosting service, so what you see may look different from the image below, but there should be a section called “Software” with similar options to what you see below, even if they look different.

Click “Site Software”.

On the next screen, find “WordPress” and click it.

On the next screen, find the correct domain name where you want to set up your website and install WordPress from the drop-down menu.  Then click Install.

Don’t worry about the version of WordPress.  At the time the image was taken above, 4.9.6 was the latest version, but your hosting provider should give you the latest version.

This should install WordPress for you and it will automatically generate a username and password for you and show them to you.  Be sure to save these in a safe place as there is no way to see them again.

Now you should be able to log in to WordPress.  The login page for WordPress will be located at   Of course, you’ll replace “” with your actual domain name.

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