Bird Dog Bot 3.0 Preview

Bird Dog Bot

Bird Dog Bot is a system that will help you find deals. It’s specially designed software to help smart real estate investors like you to not just make deals but also make them quickly and efficiently. 

For example, as a real estate investor, you rely on speedy execution of deals so your business works smoothly. You don’t need deals dragged out indefinitely without being signed. 

Bird Dog Bot Features 

1- Find Deals Fast

BirdDogBot saves you time by automating and simplifying your deal-finding.

2- Monitor Property Listings With Precision

It’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE to monitor property listings with this level of detail without BirdDogBot.

3- Analyze Deals With Ease

BirdDogBot gathers and crunches all the numbers for you.

4- Share Deals With Other Investors

BirdDogBot gives you control over what information they can see

Peace of Mind” Features

We’ve got you covered from every angle.


          Mobile Friendly

Your BirdDogBot account and all its functionality is fully accessible from any device that has a web browser. No software download or installation is required.


Video Tutorials
BirdDogBot is super-easy to use but in case you get stuck, there’s a library full of video tutorials that show you how to get the most out of every feature.

Get a sneak peek of the brand new features here:


Get It Here

This is not our own system, so if you have questions about it you’ll need to ask them on their site.  We’re just recommending it because we know our members need to find deals and that’s what this does.

In conclusion, this is system is a huge time saver. Helps you get a deal tied up so you can move on quickly to the next. 

Full disclosure:  We recommend BirdDogBot as an affiliate, but we never recommend anything we don’t believe in 100%.  I’ve tested this myself and use it to get alerts on a daily basis about deals in my area.



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